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Queen Gladys Honey Biscuit

QUEEN GLADYS HONEY BISCUIT. #Baltimore250 Survivor of Dog Fighting.

There are times, as animal welfare professionals, when we are called to reach a little deeper to save a life – a life that is so desperately worth it. This is truly one of those times. As you can see, Gladys has had a tough 9 years behind her. Although details cannot be disclosed at this time, we can inform you that she was rescued in a very high-profile, high-volume cruelty case. She lived her entire life on a heavy chain, enduring harsh temperatures, starvation, excessive breeding and a severe lack of love. She is one of the few remaining survivors of this raid, and there was just no way that we could allow her story to end there. No way, no how. Together, Jasmine’s House and Bar[k] Nation are on a quest to give Queen Gladys the BEST that life has to offer for her remaining years with us, however few or many that may be.

Her current medical eval states, “She’s seen many years of neglect and was rescued with incredibly overgrown toenails, old lady lumps and bumps, pressure sores on her elbows and hocks and all of her canines are either fractured or missing. She has hyperplastic low-hanging mammary tissue with three large masses.”

She will be transported by Jasmine’s House to Michigan next week, where she will be taken directly to Wixom Family Pet Practice (well … after a million snuggles). She will be medically assessed to determine if she is healthy enough for surgery. If so, the following day she will be spayed and her mammary tissue and masses will be removed and sent for diagnostics. They will also take a peek in her mouth at this point, to determine if any emergency dental care needs to be executed.

Next, it’s to the Bar[k] Nation warehouse for a little R&R! She will join #TeamZomo and learn what life in the real world is like, until it is time to find a home of her very own! On behalf of Jasmine’s House and Bar[k] Nation, we thank you for your support in saving this survivor’s life and making her remaining years with us the best possible. We cannot wait to embark on this journey with you all!