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JAXX. Detroit Special with Teacher’s Pet of Michigan.

In October of 2013, the Detroit rescue community got word of a dog that had been abandoned in a house for a minimum of ten months that could be accounted for. An amazing neighbor took it upon herself to provide food for this extremely barrier-reactive dog through a mail slot on the door, ensuring he would not die of starvation … alone. Teacher’s Pet of Michigan contacted one of our co-founders to remove this dog from the property and bring him to safety at a local shelter. After two attempts, collaborative efforts between Teacher’s Pet of Michigan, Dog Aide and DPD succeeded in rescuing this … well … ‘sassy’ dog from the hell-hole he resided in.

Jaxx spent the next six months split between the shelter and an amazing boarding facility before his debilitating anxiety and reactivity got the best of him. In April of 2014, Jaxx was transferred to Bark Nation as a ‘last ditch effort’ to provide a safe environment and quality of life to this fractured soul. While his road to recovery was not an easy one, from veterinary behaviorists to heartworm treatment to intensive behavior modification and losts of baby steps, we are thrilled to announce that Jaxx did the unthinkable … he got himself a home of his own!

Today, Jaxx spends his days in a wonderful home with his very own dad, being a big huge couch potato and watching the deer and wildlife out of his bay window. He is healthy, happy and nearly anxiety free! You go Jaxx!