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FORREST. Detroit Special with Teacher’s Pet of Michigan.

In October of 2014, we welcomed Forrest onto #TeamZomo – a severe Detroit neglect case, with a side of abandonment. Our wonderful friends at Teacher’s Pet: Dogs and Kids Learning Together received a call on October 24th from the Detroit Fire Department regarding a dog that was abandoned, chained to a tree outside of Engine 52 / Truck 31. They rushed to his rescue, to find this sweet soul – bleeding … alone. Two veterinary offices later, Forrest was resting comfortably, with a diagnosis of severe Demodectic Mange (we can handle that!). The mange was so severe that his collar became embedded and he began suffering from a very nasty infection.

Once Forrest really started feeling fresh and lookin’ good, he suffered a devastating blow. We came in on the morning of Thanksgiving Eve to a dog that could barely walk, had zero appetite and was running a temperature of close to 105. He was rushed immediately to our amazing veterinary team at Wixom Family Pet Practice, and then to an emergency veterinarian for 24-7 intensive care. It was determined that Forrest was suffering from an auto-immune disorder, causing meningitis and polyarthritis. Once again, our survivor pulled through.

In December of 2014, Forrest was adopted into an AMAZING home with a former veterinary technician and dog rescuer, who would have the ability to monitor and manage his mange and auto-immune disorder. Due to being so severely immune compromised, Forrest is still battling his demodectic mange, but whatevs. He’s still a bombshell!