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Grace O’Malley + The Dirty Dozen

GRACE O’MALLEY + THE DIRTY DOZEN. Detroit Specials with Teacher’s Pet of Michigan.

Oh, Mama Grace! We are swelling with pride for you!
Grace spent her life chained up behind a dope house, and when the house was raided, her ‘owner’ chained her to a tree outside where the Detroit Fire Department found her weeks later extremely pregnant and emaciated. After giving birth to twelve healthy puppies (‪#‎thedirtydozen), she was transferred to Bark Nation for a few months to nurse, heal and learn to trust humans. We had a rocky few months – her ‘crazy mom hormones’ definitely got the best of her, and her quality of life was nearly non-existent.

Flash-forward to today. Grace is doing wonderfully at Shores Kennels, where Bark Nation and Teacher’s Pet trainers work with her weekly. She is soliciting affection, excited to meet people, responding beautifully to training and becoming quite the well-rounded social butterfly! She was so neglected, so under-socialized, so broken. We had no idea if Grace had the potential to be safely adopted – she had never had a lot of opportunity to make a poor choice, as we take management and safe handling very seriously. As we loosen the reigns, she continues to make safe, appropriate choices, and is having a damn good time doing it!

Grace’s journey to find a home isn’t over yet, but we are thrilled to announce two things: (1) Grace showed signs of appropriate play with a dog today! You go girl! Annnnnnnd (2) Grace has been accepted into the Teacher’s Pet 10-week training program where she will grow and heal alongside an incarcerated young man. Of course, her current behavior team will be there with her every step of the way to ensure the training and socialization is at her pace, but we are very confident that she will thrive in this controlled, non-threatening, rewards-based training environment!

Keep on, keepin’ on baby girl! We are right by your side every step of the way!

Every epic member of #TheDirtyDozen have been adopted into wonderful homes!