Lending Opportunities

An integral part to launching our Pitness Protection Project® is securing the funding up front for Phase I – Closing. These life-saving funds must be secured by June 18, 2019. On this expedited timeframe, Bark Nation is also looking for funds in the form of personal loans.

Please click below to view the P2Project Lending Opportunities, including Promissory Note and sample Amortization Schedules.

THE REALITY. In less than 30 days, $150,000 must be secured in order to close on the most functional, safe, cost-effective, life-saving building we have been able to locate. Without this funding, our actions will be forced to be put on hold, animals that are awaiting their chance at reprieve will be forced to endure additional suffering, relationships that have been built with law enforcement agencies will strain, and momentum will fizzle. Not raising these funds is not an option let’s do this!

THE SPECIFICS. The more funds we are able to secure in personal loans (3% interest rate) and contributions prior to closing equates to life-saving, hard-earned donor dollars saved in the future, as we will be financing a lower amount.

  • Loan Amount: Your choice!
  • Interest Rate: 3% Annually
  • Term Length: Requested 5 years, but can be at term of your choosing
  • Repayment: Quarterly (see amortization schedule)
  • Default: See Promissory Note

THE DELIVERY. If you are local and available to meet in person, our Board of Directors and Development Team would love to meet you, shake your hand (or hug you if that’s your thing) and complete this transaction as a team. We understand if you’re busy or not local, in which case we are happy to complete the transaction in any way that is most comfortable for you! Loans can be dispersed to Bark Nation in the form of cash, check, or PayPal transfer.

If you’re able to commit to a personal loan, donate, or would like to learn more about Bark Nation – our team, our mission, the animals we serve – we would love to discuss with you at your earliest convenience! We are beyond excited to have you as a valued member of our Bark Nation family, and look very forward to celebrating countless life-saving ventures with you in the days/months/years to come!