The Pitness Protection Project



Bark Nation has a DREAM opportunity to own a 14,000sf building in Metro-Detroit! Fourteen – thousand – square – feet! PLEASE help us make this dream a reality for the dogs we serve!

You read that correctly. In the very near future, we may have the opportunity to shelter over 150 amazing, deserving, resilient survivors of canine cruelty at any given time! That’s 10x the impact that we are currently able to make for animals awaiting their chance at reprieve and love.

This dream endeavor will allow us to raid much larger properties, remove more animals from harm’s way, provide a larger, more enriched space for our long-term residents being cared for as live evidence, and have a much greater presence in Detroit and beyond. Oh, and save a TON of lives!

In order to make this necessity a reality, we have to act now. The owners of this property have accepted our offer, and it’s time to raise critical funds so that we can close. If we are able to close, we will then have to get this facility in proper working order to a) get State of Michigan certified, and b) move dogs in! We’re on a mission to raise $1MM (that is SO crazy to write!) – and we won’t stop until we reach our goal – the pups are counting on us!

This is a once in a lifetime, undeniable chance to make change. To be a safe haven for thousands of dogs suffering at the hands of dogfighters or animal abusers. To provide live outcomes and opportunities for #lifeafterdogfighting for those who have known nothing but pain from this barbaric sport. Without YOUR support, we are unable to move forward in our fight to #enddogfighting and canine cruelty. Please join us in funding this life-saving endeavor!

interested in giving or learning more? please contact us today.