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On June 19th, 2019 with he help of the most AMAZING community of anti-cruelty advocates, Bark Nation signed on the dotted line and purchased a 14,000SF facility to be utilized as our Pitness Protection™ Shelter.

A special thank you to the Paul and Susan Bloom Fund, Janet and Dan Egeler, Michelle Clancy, Patricia DeFee, Donna Kinsella, Steve and Amy Townsend, and all who so selflessly donated to help us reach our Phase I goal.

Since that date, Bark Nation’s revolutionary Pitness Protection™ shelter has been a life-saving, safe, confidential home to exactly 100 resilient, deserving survivors – 5 from cruelty situations, 95 from dogfighting and cruelty.

In order to keep up this momentum and continue to keep our shelter open to the survivors that need us most, we’re asking YOU to become a valued Pitness Protection™ Partner today by becoming a monthly donor! Below is a breakdown of our monthly expenses, not including supplies, transport and veterinary costs, and we are setting a BIG goal to raise $7,500/month!

Mortgage | $4800
Gas | $200
Electric | $1000
Insurance | $500
Guardian Alarm | $300
Internet | $80
Dumpster Services | $130
Water/Sewer | $120
Shavings | $2,000
Food | $1,500


Please join us today in our quest to End Canine Cruelty + End Dogfighting!