Current Initiatives

Bark Nation is a canine welfare organization, who’s mission focuses strongly on ending canine cruelty and saving lives.


The largest part of Bark Nation’s daily expenditures and volunteer hours is dedicated to our #PitnessProtection program. This program encompasses dogfighting investigations, seizure, live-evidence sheltering and #LifeAfterDogfighting placement. Our P2Shelter is state registered, and provides reprieve and healing to up to 100 amazing survivors of dogfighting at a time. We uphold strongly humane sheltering, enrichment, force-free handling and are insanely generous with our swooning and kisses. While some dogs have longer or shorter stays with us, the average stay as live-evidence thus far is 4.5 months.

Shelter Enrichment

Enrichment2Many shelters are adopting Shelter Enrichment programs, including enhanced cleaning protocols, bedding, physical stimulation, mental stimulation, training, olfactory enrichment, and more! We LOVE being a part of this process with shelters, and ensuring they have the supplies and training they need to succeed at keeping the dogs they house happy, healthy and enriched.

Is your shelter looking for training on Shelter Enrichment? Are your pups in need of life-saving enrichment items? Contact us today!

Project Grace Detroit

If there are two things that Bark Nation strives to encompass in everything we do, they are #1 – COLLABORATE!, and #2 – take a solutions-oriented approach. Do you have ANY idea how many pets have ‘oops litters’ in under-served communities? How many individuals have never heard of spay/neuter? How many pet owners jump at the chance to sign their pets up for community clinics if they know there will not be the burden of judgment or payment?

Bark Nation and Dog Aide have teamed up since 2016 to offer FREE services to dogs of Detroit residents – sterilization, vaccinations, microchip and City license. We are always looking for professional, forward-thinking, non-judgmental, kick-ass advocates to join our hotline and to volunteer at the clinics! Clinics run from early spring to late fall every year. Please fill out our Volunteer Questionnaire by clicking here and be sure to list all areas that you’re interested in volunteering in!

Check out our Project Grace facebook page! Are you a Detroit resident looking for sterilization services? Contact or call (313)855-5866!

HUGE thank you to the Stand Up For Pits Foundation and to Petco Foundation for helping us save lives in Detroit!