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Current Initiatives

Bar[k] Nation is a canine welfare organization, who’s mission focuses strongly on collaboration, sterilization, rehabilitation and education to prevent additional dogs from entering ‘the system’, while diligently working to curb the increasing population through spay and neuter initiatives. In addition to intervention, we strive to give the public opportunities to get involved with shelter enrichment initiatives, ensuring the dogs in our partner shelters receive the mental and physical stimulation necessary to remain happy and healthy during their stay.


Shelter Intervention.

InterventionWhat better way to curb the growing number of dogs entering the shelters/rescue community than to curb population growth? In collaboration with Dog Aide Community Awareness Program, we have created Project Grace – with the goal to #EndRecklessCanineFornication in the city of Detroit! Stay tuned for spay/neuter initiatives in other under served cities across the nation.


Shelter Enrichment. 

Enrichment2Many shelters are adopting Shelter Enrichment programs, including enhanced cleaning protocols, bedding, physical stimulation, mental stimulation, training, olfactory enrichment, and more! We LOVE being a part of this process with shelters, and ensuring they have the supplies and training they need to succeed at keeping the dogs they house happy, healthy and enriched.



ZomoWhile Bar[k] Nation is not a dog rescue organization, we occasionally foster special souls that have been victims of extreme cruelty – dogs that would struggle greatly in a shelter, foster, or home environment. We specialize in extremely fearful dogs that would benefit from a structured, enriched environment, who need their world opened extremely slowly and strategically. And we do everything in our power to help them reach ROCKSTAR status!

If you are interested in adopting, visiting, or learning  more about the dogs we foster, please contact us at kmclaughlin@barknation.org!